About MNtrailers

MNtrailers is a story about building custom 1:18 semitrailers and car haulers for collectors all over the world. We started our journey in 2012, since them we have designed 30 different geometries of 1:18 trailers like from 6car or 8car open trailers, tarpaulin trailer, closed car transporter for 3 or 6 cars, racing car transporters, military vehicles transporter etc.


Our service is 100% based on clients demands. A client can either choose an already designed geometry of a trailer in order to be customized according to his dreams or we can build a completely new trailer based on client’s input.


In addition, collectors are free to choose whatever RAL palette color or livery they want and we assist them in creating previews of different options.

A collector building models for collectors

My name is Mihail (Mike) Neagu, the man behind MNtrailers. I am a young architect from Romania and also a diecast 1:18 Mercedes Benz enthusiast. I have been collecting since 2007 .


I started  building trailers in 2012, during my University studies summer holiday in order to give myself a bit of extra money to support my model car passion. Being a collector is one of the greatest assets when working with other detail-obsessed collectors.


First of the MNtrailers’ creations

I built the very first trailer during the holidays between my fifth and sixth year of University in 2012. It took me around 2 months to build and get it exactly how I wanted it. Remember, I didn’t have a truck cab at that time and I just kept asking my local fellow collectors about different dimensions. First trailer was mainly handmade of aluminum profiles.


The idea of scratch building a scale trailer came from a DiecastXchange forum discussion about a trailer that was made for scale 1:16 models and I was amazed that people would love to have such an item in their collection. More and more collectors wanted such an item in their collection once Eligor released the Mercedes Actros 1:18 model.


The process of building a trailer

Each trailer’s design approach starts from a complex research on what collectors are waiting for, what new head tractors are for sale or how I can improve the existing manufacturing process. Then the hand sketches are converted to a 2D Autocad drawings of the different parts.

The next step is to verify those elements, so a 3DMax model is created. Once the check is complete, I need to prepare the files for CNC machine in order to be laser cut. After we get the laser cut parts we can start the metal assembly part. Once a trailer is assembled it is two steps far from meeting its owner. It needs to be powder coated, then all the plastic, rubber and decal parts must be installed.


Heavy metal miniatures


Each miniature is made from 80-95% of metal. We use 1.5mm thick aluminum plate, steel plate either 0.8mm, 1mm or 1.5mm thick and stainless steel plate either 0.5mm or 0.8mm thick. Once we get the parts laser cut, we assemble them by bending the metal pieces then riveting or even welding them together.


Tires are made of real rubber, but even the rims are handmade by the turner from steel.