This is how we put your dream trailer in 1:18 scale!

How can I preorder a 1:18 custom trailer?2020-03-30T14:01:12+00:00

Just go to the Contact form and send us an enquiry.  We will reply you same day with an email consisting our catalog with prices. As you trailer is a custom item, we need first to discuss on the model, details, features, colors and livery you want. Once you have decided on the geometry of the trailer and we agreed on the financial offer, a 30% part of the complete payment needs to be done at first. Once the deposit is paid, we start building the model, creating previews of the livery etc. The previews are send to the client in order to get the approval. Client is kept updated with pictures from the working desk so he can check the process. Once the 1:18 trailer is finished, we take artistic pictures of it in order to present them to the world. Trailer is shipped once the rest 70% of payment is done.

What is the time frame for a custom model to be built?2019-01-11T11:49:39+00:00

The time frame is from 2 to 4 weeks for models which are based on a geometry we have already built. It can take up to 2-3 months for a complete custom model which implies a new CAD design.

What are the payment methods?2019-01-11T11:50:44+00:00

We accept Paypal and bank transfer.

Can I find MNtrailers models on international online market?2019-01-11T11:51:05+00:00

Yes, you can find our models on EBAY. Unfortunately, the prices there are much higher due to the listing and selling fees.

How are the models packed?2019-01-11T11:51:44+00:00

Each model is packed separately in a styrofoam/cardboard box, then this box in covered in bubble wrap. If the models has an acrylic/transparent side then it will be packed in a special wooden box in order to prevent the acrylic side to break in transport.

What is the shipping method?2019-01-11T11:52:22+00:00

We ship via Romanian Post Office, EMS or priority mail. Once the parcel is shipped, the client received the tracking number and a link with the website where he can track the item.

How long is the delivery time?2019-01-11T11:52:50+00:00

The shipping time depends on the part of the world where the parcel is heading to. Approximate delivery time is up 7 days for Europe, 10-15 days for North America, 15-21 days for South America, Asia, Africa.

How can I order an “IN STOCK NOW” model?2020-03-30T16:35:58+00:00

Email us at mn@mntrailers.com with the paypal address and shipping address. (If you want to pay via bank transfer please let us know). We will reply you same day with the Paypal money request. Trailer is shipped in 1-4 days from the moment of payment. Once shipped you received an email with the tracking number.