MNT 016 – ROADTRAIN CAR TRANSPORTER2019-01-11T16:34:50+00:00

Project Description


– MNT 016
handmade vs machine made:
– 60% handmade
– 40% machine-made
limited edition:
– no
– name of each client is laser engraved underneath the trailer
– length – 140.4 cm (55.27 inch)
– width – 15.5 cm ( 6.10 inch)
– height- 27 cm (10.62 inch)
– most parts made of laser cut 1.5mm thick aluminum sheet and 1mm thick steel sheet
– chassis made of aluminum profiles and perforated sheet
– 1mm thick steel sheet and aluminum strings for back featherlite door
– stainless steel element for door details
– acrylic transparent side panel
– rims made of steel by the turner, tires made of rubber
– powder coating
– buyer can choose color according to RAL color palette
– two 3-axle closed trailers with simple rotating wheels
– opening side compartments
– wooden floor for the front trailer
-highly detailed interior platforms for the back trailer
– possible acrylic transparent side panel for back trailer so inside models could be seen
– possible highly detailed gullwing openable side panels for back trailer
– top acrylic transparent windows for front trailer and back trailer (but not for gullwing doors)
– 2 leaves door for front trailer
– possible featherlite lift back door with common stair case for back trailer
– possible common stair case for side door of the front trailer
– independent working wheel dampers
– removable roof panel so inside models could be inserted (but not for gullwing doors)
– 2 spare tires for each trailer
– adjustable landings gear legs
– plain color with stripes on back side
– livery can be customized according to the needs of the client, using high quality water resistant prints and laser engraved and cut plastic elements